Brinjal cultivation practices pdf

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Brinjal Varieties in India: Below are the main brinjal hybrid varieties cultivated in India. All types of Brinjal. Pusa Purple Long: It is an early maturing and long fruited type variety.Physical methods, such as hand weeding, cultivation and mulching, are quite frequently used on small vegetable farms. Only shallow cultivation is necessary. Mulching with black plastic mulch effectively controls weeds and reduces labour needs. Natural organic mulches, such as rice straw, will conserve moisture and add organic matter to the soil. brinjal cultivation practices pdf

Feb 14, 2015 Generally, well drained and fertile sandy loam soils are preferred for brinjal cultivation. The best P H range of soil is for better growth and development of crop. The plowing is done by soil turning plough and subsequent 23 ploughing by cultivators\harrow with repeated planking.

Tag Archives: brinjal cultivation pdf Brinjal Farming Detailed Information Guide Brinjal Farming Information in India: Introduction about Brinjal: Brinjal Farming Information Guide: Brinjal or Eggplant is an important crop of sub tropics and tropics. Crop Production Techniques of Horticultural Crops 2013 HORTICULTURAL COLLEGE AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE TAMIL NADU AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY COIMBATORE 641 003 brinjal cultivation practices pdf 35. Hybrid seed production of vegetables. . . . 109 36. Protected cultivation of vegetables. . . . 111 37. Vegetable nutrition garden. . . . 125 38. Multiple cropping in vegetables. . . . 127 39. Seed extraction of vegetables. . . . 128 40. Horticultural produce washing machine. . 130 41. Evaporatively cooled store for storage of. . 132 fresh vegetables and fruits 42.

Diseases Management in Brinjal Cultivation. Diseases of Brinjal: 1) Damping Off: It is a serious disease of brinjal seedlings and mainly occurs in nursery bed. The disease infected seedlings rot at ground level and then the plants fall over ground. The seedlings die in patches. Control Measures: 1. brinjal cultivation practices pdf BIOLOGY OF BRINJAL 1 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION Brinjal or eggplant (Solanum melongena L. ) is an important solanaceous crop of subtropics and tropics. The name brinjal is popular in Indian subcontinents and is derived from Arabic and Sanskrit whereas

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