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Delirium Rating ScaleRevised 98 (DRSR98). DSMIV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition) criteria were used to assign delirium diagnosis. Sensitivity and specicity ratios with 95 CIs were calculated for each screening method.J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci 13: 2, Spring 2001 229 Validation of the Delirium Rating ScaleRevised98: Comparison With the Delirium Rating Scale and the Cognitive delirium rating scale-revised-98 pdf

DRS The DRS is a numerical rating scale that specifically integrates DSMIIIR diagnostic criteria for delirium. It is a 10item scale, with items scored from 0 to 3 or 0 to 4 in the following

To assess the validity and the reliability of the Portuguese version of the Delirium Rating ScaleRevised98 (DRSR98). The scale was translated into Portuguese and backtranslated into English. ROC curve of DRSR98K total and severity score between the delirium group and other three groups and between the delirium and dementia groups. ROC: receiver operating characteristic, DRSR98K: Korean version of the Delirium Rating ScaleRevised98. delirium rating scale-revised-98 pdf Intending to address these shortcomings of the DRS, it was substantially revised, as the Delirium Rating Scale, Revised98 (DRSR98). 8 The DRSR98 also has anchored descriptors for each rated itemlevel, but it separates diagnostic items from symptomseverity items and has two items for motor presentation and five for cognition.

To assess the validity and the reliability of the Portuguese version of the Delirium Rating ScaleRevised98 (DRSR98). Methods The scale was translated into Portuguese and delirium rating scale-revised-98 pdf Validation of the Delirium Rating Scalerevised98: comparison with the delirium rating scale and the cognitive test for delirium. Trzepacz PT(1), Mittal D, Torres R, Kanary K, Norton J, Jimerson N. Author information: (1)University of Mississippi Medical Center and the Sonny Montogomery Veterans Affairs Center, Jackson, USA. Keywords: delirium; scales; measurement; instruments; neuropsychological tests Introduction Delirium is a severe psychiatric syndrome characterized by an acute change in consciousness and cognitive function caused by an underlying medical condition. It affects up to 30 (Adamis, Treloar, Martin, & Macdonald, 2006a) of elderly general hospital patients. Delirium Rating ScaleRevised98 (DRS98R) 16 items, 3 of them used only for diagnosis and the other 13 for stratification AttentionOrientation Onset of symptoms Fluctuating nature Although the delirium rating scale raters were aware of the delirium diagnosis at the second rating, the CGI was rated independently by the primary treating physician and the CTD was administered and scored by a research assistant.

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