Panaboard ub-5335 pdf

2019-11-13 23:45

Panasonic UB 5335 Panaboard is a dual screen electronic whiteboard. This unit with the abundance of new technologies increases the number of opportunities for creative teaching and meetings. Now engaging students in classrooms and keeping them focused on the lecture or presentation has become possible through the PCUSB Memory Device function.The UB5335 is the latest in Panasonics line of easy to use copyboards. The low profile design gives it a contemporary look that will fit in with any office dcor. With a writing panel measuring approximately 35 x 49 inches, it is at home in any room, whether space is panaboard ub-5335 pdf

Panaboard is a revolutionary whiteboard that improves the efficiency of all types of meetings, both daily discussions and major presentations, and also allows information to be effectively shared between presenters and participants, and even with people who cannot attend.

ub5335 Panaboard Overlayer Software allows you to utilise a projector to display information from your PC onto the whiteboard, while allowing you to write notes on the board. Model no: Panasonic Panaboard UB 5335 Availability: In Stock Get more out of your meetings while keeping everyone on the same page with Panasonic's plain paper Panaboard electronic white boards can keep your team members or faculty up to panaboard ub-5335 pdf The Panasonic UB5835 is a 64 electronic whiteboard with builtin monochrome printer and USB interface for direct scan to PC or USB flash drive. It allows you to simply print your notes or directly save them as a PDFTIFF file on a PC or USB flash memory device, making meetings more efficient by

Panaboard Overlay Software allows you to utilize a projector to display information from your PC onto the whiteboard, while allowing you to write notes on the board. panaboard ub-5335 pdf The Panasonic Panaboard UB5335 is a 50 Electronic Whiteboard with Builtin Monochrome Printer and USB Interface for direct scan to PC or USB Flash Drive. The UB5335 comes with a rotating endless screen with 2 writable surfaces. Buy a Panasonic Panaboard UB5335 interactive whiteboard USB or other Interactive Whiteboards at CDW. com The Panaboard UB5335 Copyboard is a 60 inch board which has a dry erase mylar surface with two panels and builtin black& white printing capability Panaboard UB5335 Copyboard JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The UB5335A Panaboard features a neutral design that allows it blend nicely with any office interior, and the slim span of the board, which is approximately 70 mm thick, allows for easy wall mounting.

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