Will going to exercises pdf 2o eso

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Exercise 1. a) will call ll call b) will help ll help c) will stay ll stay d) will probably go ll probably go e) will buy ll buy f) will cook ll cook g) will win ll win h) will understand ll understand i) will get ll get j) will do ll do k) will do ll do l) will go ll go Exercise 2.INGLS DE 2 ESO OBJETIVOS MNIMOS DE LA MATERIA EXPRESIN ORAL Ser capaces de dar y pedir informacin sobre datos personales. Hablar sobre lo que tienen. will going to exercises pdf 2o eso

2 ESO 3 UNIT 1 1. Read the text about English lessons on mobile phones. ENGLISH LESSONS FOR EVERYONE People study English all over the world.

2 ESO summer work 2013 Name Present simple Present continuous We use the present simple to talk about: regular habits and routines. We usually go rollerblading at the weekend. permanent situations. 1. Complete the exercise with sentences in past continuous and the verbs in brackets. 1) We(play) tennis all day. WILL O BE GOING TO EJERCICIOS RESUELTOS 1 Soluciones comentadas 1 Id like a cup of tea. Good idea, I ll make some. Se decide sobre la marcha, no llevaba tiempo pensndolo 2 Be careful! That tree is going to fall. La persona que grita est viendo que el rbol va a caer, tiene indicios 3 I feel awful. will going to exercises pdf 2o eso Descargar ejercicio will y going to PDF en ingls con soluciones incluidas. Tambin puede realizar el ejercicio online en la web. Dispone de auto correccin.

3. Write the following words in the right order to form sentences with to be going to in affirmative, negative or interrogative: Example: is to a Fred doctor going be. Fred is going to be a doctor. a. to am dentist the I this going visit afternoon. b. swim arent They to going tomorrow. will going to exercises pdf 2o eso My parents are go to meet my teachers tomorrow. X My parents are going to meet my teachers tomorrow. 1. Rob and I arent going wear trainers. X 2. We going to visit my grandparents INGLS 1 ESO. Ingls 4 ESO. PET: GRAMMAR, EXERCISES AND MORE. Social Science 3 ESO. Mapa del sitio. Actividad reciente del sitio. Future Perfect Continuous Exercise. pdf will be going to. pdf Ver Descargar Ejercicios de will y be going to (2 ESO) Os dejo aqui la teora y un link de ejercicios para que repasis antes del examen. will para decisiones espontneas, predicciones y opiniones para el futuro Diferencia entre will y going to en ingls. Uso, Estructura y ejercicios.

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