Us retail industry 2012 pdf

2019-11-15 16:42

It is a 2016 overview of the U. S. retail industry and all relevant information, facts, research, data and trivia related to the U. S. retail industry. Scroll down to find the definition of the U. S. retail industry, the size of the U. S. retail industry, and the types of retailingIt provides us with an overall analysis of the market, key statistics, and overviews of the major players in the industry in an online service that is fast, easy to navigate, and reliable. Wendy Stotts, Manager, Carlson CompaniesInformation Center us retail industry 2012 pdf

This report, conducted by LLP, proves that retail powers the American economy. According to the study, retail is the largest private employer in the United States. Retail directly and indirectly supports 42 million jobs, provides 1. 6 trillion in labor income and contributes 2. 6 trillion annually to U. S. GDP.

the US in total retail sales with an amount of USD 1, 203 Billion, which reflected a 10. 3 increase from the same period in 2015. Chinas growth has stabilized in recent years, but is still very high compared to the US, August 2016 Retail Industry Analysis P. 6. www. efmcapital. com The U. S. retail industry is the largest in the world; 50 larger than that of China United States Market value Retail sales value excluding tax, BUSD, 2014 U. S. STATES WITH THE HIGHEST RETAIL GDP 2012 RETAIL IS GROWING AND CHANGING Densely populated states are also high retail us retail industry 2012 pdf Total Impact of the Retail Industry on the US Economy, 2012 Item Total National Impact Percent of US Economy Employment (Jobs)(1) 42 million 23. 4 Labor Income(2) 1. 58 trillion 16. 1 GDP 2. 59 trillion 16. 0 The Economic Impact of the US Retail Industry

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