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2019-11-13 23:45

date information may be obtained by contacting the Royal Mail Sales Team. All services referred to on this poster are provided under schemes made or deemed by Royal Mail Group Ltd under section 89 of the Postal Services Act 2000, as amended by the Postal Services Act 2013.Royal Mails price increases for businesses are never as clear cut as those for consumers as the overall price rise may differ dependent on the service you use andor your posting profile. The royal mail price list pdf

Download our Post Office and Depot Price Guide in Welsh (PDF) All information, including prices, is for guidance only and may be changed without notice. Prices are valid as of March 26th 2018.

Prices include VAT at the current rate of 20. PO Box Set up a PO Box and pick up your mail from your local Royal Mail Delivery Office. For an additional fee we can deliver from a PO Box to your address. Business price per trading name Duration UK Up to 3 months 175. 00 Up to 6 months 260. 00 Up to 12 months 425. 00 Prices are exempt from VAT. Postage prices Royal Mail UK Price Finder Use this tool to quickly find out the postage options for your letter, card or parcel, including how much it will cost to send within the UK. royal mail price list pdf Royal Mail Price List 2018 For Stamps, Standard Franking& Mailmark Franking (Effective from 26th March 2018) First Class Second Class Format Weight Stamps Standard Franking Mailmark Franking Stamps Standard Franking Mailmark Franking Letter 0100g 67 p60 57 58 44 39 Large

UK and International parcel and letter service prices Valid from 26 March 2018. Welcome to your handy pricing guide This leaflet gives you the prices for Royal Mails UK and International services and Parcelforce Worldwide UK services whether your item is to the UK or abroad, urgent, requires proof of delivery or you royal mail price list pdf 2018 Royal Mail prices effective from 26th March The new 2018 Royal Mail prices will be effective from Monday 26th March 2018. The new postage tariffs will mean changes to prices for anyone using the Royal Mail for their letters and parcels. Check prices from Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide for sending parcels and letters in the UK and abroad. Golf brochure Thanks for downloading the Golf brochure To show our appreciation we'd like to offer you the chance to win some prizes, this month we're giving away a 25 John Lewis Voucher. Subject Download our Royal Mail Postage Rates 2018 Wallchart PDF to view the latest stamp, frank and Mailmark prices in a simplified and easy to understand format.

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