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2019-11-17 21:20

Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) has been established in each district as an autonomous institution providing flexible working environment involving all the stakeholders in project planning and implementation.Agricultural technology management agency is a district level body created under the Innovation Technology Dissemination component of National Agricultural Technology project (NATP) pilot testing agricultural extension reforms. agriculture technology management agency pdf

The Scheme has made extension system farmer driven and farmer accountable. 237 Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) at district level have been set up to operationalise the extension reforms with active participation of farmers farmer groups, NGOs, Krishi Vigyan Kendras, Panchayati Raj Institutions and other Stakeholder operating at district level and below.

The central institutional innovation that emerged to address these system problems was the Agricultural Technology Management Agency or ATMA model Panchayat level by integrating the Progressive farmers into Agricultural Extension System (AES) (35 Farm Schools block). Farmertofarmer extension support at the village level to be promoted through Farmers Group. Farmers Awards instituted at Block, District and State levels. agriculture technology management agency pdf Since independence our country has seen many stages in agricultural development through different approaches in timeslots to develop resources for their optimum utilization.

AGRICULTURE ACTION PLAN 197 AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT AGENCY (ATMA) Extension Reforms (ATMA) scheme is under implementation in (13) districts of Andhra Pradesh with 60: 40 central and state share under National Mission on Agricultural Extension& Technology (NMAET) as Sub Mission on Agricultural Extension (SMAE). agriculture technology management agency pdf Agricultural extension and technology have to go hand in hand and that is the genesis of the National Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technology. 2. The aim of the Mission is to restructure& strengthen agricultural extension to enable delivery of appropriate technology and improved agronomic practices to the farmers. Management. Governing Board (GB) Functions of ATMA GB; ATMA Management Commitee (AMC) Functions of AMC; Linkage Mechanism. SLSC Profile; Functions of SLSC Agricultural Technology Management Agency(ATMA) would be established in each pilot district for integrating research and extension activities and for decentralizing daytoday management of the public agricultural Among them Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) is one of its kind where the farmer livelihood was improved through farmer oriented extension activities carried out by the convergence mode of

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