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The Goodenoughllarris Drawing Test as a Measure of Intellectual Maturity of Youths 1217 Years United States A discussion of results from the application of the GoodenoughHarris Drawing Test scales to person and self drawings obtained in a national examination survey ofinterpretation helps the child to accept the painful thoughts and feelings and resolve internal conflicts (Whitmont, 1969), allows the counselor to tentatively generate hypotheses for working with the 1990). Children sometimes revert to earlier stages and in the same picture might draw one person using a tadpole schema and another using a draw a person test interpretation pdf

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Awareness that the reaction is to pointed stimulus e. The test is a comprehension of the present behaviour in order to foresee the future behaviour Chapter II The body schema as selfimage. The Draw a Person Test as testing selfimage 1. Body schema 2. Perception of the body schema a. Sensitive perception of the body schema b. the drawaperson test and psychoneurological learning disability in children by charles louis pratt, b. s. a thesis in psychology submitted to the graduate faculty draw a person test interpretation pdf Keywords: IQ test, projective test, general criteria of interpretation, forms of contents, drawing privileged role in the education and psychotherapy of the child.

DrawaPerson tests are interpreted according to the age group in which the testtaker belongs. For example, a 5yearold's drawing is expected to be less detailed and less complex than an 11yearold's drawing. draw a person test interpretation pdf The DrawaPerson test is commonly used as a measure of intelligence in children, but this has been criticized. Harlene Hayne et al. compared scores on the DrawA

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