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The Millau Viaduct is the last link in the Mridienne (A75), a free motorway linking ClermontFerrand to Bziers and Narbonne. The Mridienne is now the shortest, least encumbered and the least expensive route between Paris, the Mediterranean and Spain. A Tourist Motorway LocatedMillau, June 2325, 2004 2 2. Presentation of the project 2. 1 Longitudinal and consectional project The Millau viaduct is a multi cablestayed structure long of 2460m, slightly curved in plan on a radius of 20, 000 m and with a constant upward slope of 3. 025 from north to south. the millau viaduct pdf

REPORT ON THE MILLAU VIADUCT J L Saxton1 1University of Bath Abstract: This paper provides a critical analysis of the worlds highest road bridge and longest multi span cable stayed, the Millau Viaduct. Areas covered include aesthetics, loadings, design and

Millau Viaduct. The Millau Viaduct (French: le Viaduc de Millau, IPA: ) is a cablestayed bridge that spans the gorge valley of the River Tarn near Millau in southern France. It is the tallest bridge in the world, with one mast's summit at 343. 0 metres (1, 125. 3 ft) above the base of the structure. PDF The Millau viaduct over the Tarn River is an exceptional bridge considering the height under the deck and the 2. 5 km total length. Each of the seven high piers is founded on a thick raft the millau viaduct pdf such as the bridges of Normandy and Tancarville. The Millau Viaduct is far more than a simple work of civil engineering used by hurried travellers. The recent increase in technological tourism is undeniable. or a more recent work such as the Garabit Viaduct (the founding work of the Eiffel company.

The Millau Viaduct: Ten Years of Structural Monitoring Emmanuel Cachot, Civil Eng. CEVM, Millau, The Millau Viaduct (Fig. 1), crossing the turn in Southern France is a multi The Millau Viaduct: Ten Years of Structural Monitoring the millau viaduct pdf From the point of view of territorial accessibility, the Millau Viaduct is linked with the parent. project of the A75. At the end of 2004, when the Viaduct was opened for traffic, it. constituted the central link in the chain of this motorway from ClermontFerrand to Beziers.

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