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2019-11-22 03:42

About Uplogix. Uplogix is the most evolved outofband solution on the market. Our intelligent console server monitors network devices and takes actions directly over the console port, like an onsite technician plugging in a laptop.The Comtech EF Data CDM625 is the first modem to combine advanced FEC such as Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes with the revolutionary DoubleTalk CarrierinCarrier bandwidth compression allowing for maximum savings under all conditions. comtech cdm 625 pdf

CDM625 Advanced Satellite Modem Revision 13 Introduction MNCDM625 For IF applications ( MHz). 2 Modem Compatibility The CDM625 is fully backwardscompatible with the Comtech EF Data CDM

codes purchased from Comtech EF Data. To enable these features, simply enter the code at the front panel. CDM570& CDM570L Satellite Modems SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Range CDM570: 50 to 90 or 100 to 180 MHz, 625 ksps Acquisition Time Comtech EF Data's DMD2050 Satellite Modem is designed to comply with the widest possible range of U S CLM9600 CDM625 CDM6006OC, CDM L CDM7CI. end 0M 73 satellite modems The DMD2050 is Comtech Radyne DMD2050 MILSTD A Universal Satellite Modem PDF comtech cdm 625 pdf CDM625 base modem incorporates a4port Base T managed Ethernet switch with VLAN capability and prioritybased Quality of Service (QoS). Access (Native) Mode and Trunk Mode are supported. Traffic can be prioritized using portbased priority or VLAN priority. The maximum Ethernet frame size is 1536 bytes.

The SLM5650A TPC is compatible with Intelsat IESS315 and Comtech EF Datas CDM570, CDM600, CDM625, SLM3650, SLM7650, DMD20, DMD2050, and DMD2050E Satellite Modems and the CDD IP Demodulators. comtech cdm 625 pdf Cdm625a Read online or download PDF Comtech EF Data CDM625A User Manual COMTECH CDM625A ADVANCED SATELLITE MODEM CDM625A TYPICAL USERS Mobile Network Operators Telecom Operators Satellite Service Providers Government& Military Enterprise Offshore COMMON APPLICATIONS Mobile Backhaul G. 703 Trunking IP Trunking Offshore& Maritime Communications Enterprise Communications ontheMov CDM625 supports MHz and LBand capability in the same unit with independently selectable transmit and receive IF. This simplifies sparing and stocking in networks requiring MHz and Lband units. CDM600CDM600L EMULATION MODE CDM625 can be placed in CDM600 or CDM600L emulation mode. CDM625 is the first modem to offer VersaFEC, a patentpending system of high performance shortblock lowlatency LDPC codes designed to support latency sensitive applications, such as cellular backhaul over satellite.

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