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2019-11-18 20:41

(Fig. 6) no RelyX Fiber Post broke during this comparative test (2, 000, 000 cycles, 10 posts per brand tested). For the RelyX Fiber Post the test was continued until 5, 000, 000 cycles were reached. Still no RelyX Fiber Post failed. Load Cycles (x1000) 0 500 1000 1500 2000 For RelyX Fiber Post the test was continued until 5, 000, 000 cycles were reached.CEMENTING ENDODONTIC POST 4 5 RelyX Fiber Post RelyX Unicem SelfAdhesive Universal Resin Cement 6 7 Insert post to check the fit in the prepared canal. Should be able to easily remove the post. Shorten post to the required length using a diamond disk and Suction system. relyx fiber post pdf

RelyX Fiber Post 3D Glass Fiber Post's coronal 3D macro retentions offer higher mechanical retention to the core buildup material. Due to its microporous surface it also provides a strong bond in a root canal without silanating step.

RelyX Fiber Post and RelyX Unicem Aplicap SelfAdhesive Universal resin cement with the RelyX Unicem Elongation Tip offer the solution: RelyX Unicem cement offers safe and reliable adhesion without any pretreatment neither of the root canal dentin (i. e. etching, priming, and bonding) nor the RelyX Fiber Post (e. g. silanating and roughening). Our post and cement make it stronger. Our system makes it easy. RelyX Fiber Post is a strong, yet simple solution for cementing posts. First, prepare canal for post placement procedure. 2. Attach the RelyX Unicem Aplicap Elongation Tip to the applicator. Listen for an Unicem 1. relyx fiber post pdf Elasticity of RelyX Fiber Post is similar to human dentin for a lower risk of root fracture due to the wedge effect . Unique resin composition and equally dispersed parallel fibers lead to superior mechanical strength. Microporous surface allows for additional bond strength through microretentive effects.

Vborn svteln translucence ep RelyX Fiber Post umouje efektivn vytvrzen hluboko do koenovho kanlku. Vylepen radioopacita ep je jednou z nejvych dostupnch u ep z kompozit se sklennmi vlkny. relyx fiber post pdf

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