Human resource accounting in infosys pdf

2019-11-18 22:47

human resource accounting at infosys In 90s Infosys recognized human resource costs as an investments rather than as expenses, and added the dimension of value of individuals and the wholeBy adopting and implementing Human Resource Accounting in the Organization. Benefits experienced By Infosys by valuing its human resources The benefits of adopting HRA were manifold. When the human resources were quantified. human resource accounting in infosys pdf

Human Resources Accounting is an accounting of identifying, measuring, classifying, summarizing and reporting the data about human resources to the investors for effective decisionmaking regarding the human resources of an organization.

Human resource Accounting (HRA) involves accounting for expenditure related to Infosys Technologies Ltd. , Hindustan Copper Ltd. , Rolta, Wipro, Satyam Computer etc. , have started disclosing some valuable information regarding human resources in their financial statements. By early 2000, many companies in India had started valuing their human capital and reported the same in their balance sheets and other financial statements. Briefly explain the concept of valuation of human resources and compare the various models available for human resources accounting. Ans: HRA involved identifying, measuring, capturing, tracking and analyzing the potential [ human resource accounting in infosys pdf This case examines the various models of human resources accounting (HRA) for valuing human assets in an organization. It gives an overview of the HRA models adopted by the public sector and software companies in India. The case also explains in detail the HRA model adopted by Infosys, a leading software company in India. Finally, the case mentions the advantages and the hurdles in

Human resource accounting is an attempt to identify and report investment made in resources of the organization that are not presently accounted for under conventional accounting practice (woddruff). human resource accounting in infosys pdf Thus, the importance of Human Resources cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, till new generally accepted system of accounting this important asset, viz. , the Human Resource has not been evolved. Infosys Technologies Ltd. has used Lev and Schwartz model to compute the Value of Human Resource.

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