Enterprise information security architecture pdf

2019-11-12 04:44

The Enterprise Information Security Architecture (EISA) offers a framework upon which business security requirements, the risks and the threats are analyzed and a portfolio of the best integrated enterprise security solutions is put together.enterprise information solutions, such as master data management, metadata management, business intelligence, content management, data interoperability, analytics, data integration and related information infrastructure components. enterprise information security architecture pdf

The purpose of this study is to investigate the adoption and assimilation of Enterprise Information Security Architecture (EISA) as an administrative innovation within the Oil and Gas Industry in Kenya. EISA is a subset of Enterprise Architecture (EA), focusing on information security in the enterprise.

Page 2 Agenda Facilities and safety information Introduction Overview of the problem Introducing security architecture The SABSA approach A worked example Security architecture components Facilitated discussion 26 April 2012 ISACA SeminarEnterprise Security Architecture Enterprise security architecture is a unifying framework and reusable services that implement policy, standard and risk management decision. The purpose of the security architecture is to bring focus to the key areas of concern for the enterprise, highlighting decision criteria and enterprise information security architecture pdf The enterprise information security architecture will document the current state of the technical security components listed above, as well as an idealworld desired future state (Reference Architecture) and finally a Target future state which is the result of engineering tradeoffs and compromises vs. the ideal.

1. Information Security Is Integral to Enterprise Strategy 2. Information Security Impacts on the Entire Organisation 3. Enterprise Risk Management Defines Information Security Requirements 4. Information Security Accountabilities Should be Defined and Acknowledged 5. Information Security Must Consider Internal and External Stakeholders 6. enterprise information security architecture pdf IT Security Architecture February 2007 6 numerous access points. This separation of information from systems requires that the information must receive adequate The information security architecture at the individual information system level is consistent with and complements the more global, organizationwide information security architecture described in PM7 that is integral to and developed as part of the enterprise architecture. TRACEABLE ENTERPRISE INFORMATION SECURITY ARCHITECTURE METHODOLOGY addressing network security. Several system of system (SoS) and enterprise architecture tools are available today that address system complexity, however security is hidden in the there were potential significant gaps in the information security architecture. .

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